From the Home page, a quote by Yasuhiko Genku Kimura:

“Ideology and opinion divide. Quest and commitment unite.”


From the Context page, a quote by Rafael Steinhauser, in Spanish:

“Materialidad sin espiritualidad carece de sentido; espiritualidad sin materialidad es efímera.”

Materiality without spirituality is meaningless; spirituality without materiality is ephemeral.


From the BFF 2016 Event page, a quote from Nikola Tesla (Никола Тесла), in cyrillic Serbian, submitted by Mira Joy Vivant:

Иако имамо слободу да мислимо и дјелујемо, ми се држимо заједно, попут звијезда на небеском своду с нераздвојним везама. Ове везе се не могу видјети, али их можемо осјетити.

Though free to think and act, we are held together, like the stars in the firmament, with ties inseparable. These ties cannot be seen, but we can feel them.


From the IGP page, a quote from Leif Smith, submitted by Yasuhiko Genku Kimura:

We stand together at the edge of something great. I call it the emergence of freeorder, the collaborative making of a world magnificently fit for explorers, and the development among ourselves of a people magnificently fit to live in such a world. Such emergent collaboration depends on limits, differences, factions, lack of agreement, competition for resources of vision, mind, spirit, and matter. This is a kind of collaboration beyond design, beyond possible agreement, founded on the deepest possible respect for the incomprehensible, inevitable, divergence of individual patterns of exploration. There is a unity beyond all imaginable unities that only our respect for differences and limits can make possible. Millions of individuals each differently probing the edge of chaos leave behind us a reef of unforeseen substance and beauty. Our work will be preservation of the sea that makes such unplanned emergence possible.”

See ExplorersFoundation.org and SieraLearn.com.


From the Reference & Contributions page, a quote in German from Josef H. Reichholf, submitted by Stefan Richter:

“Überlebensfähige Ungleichgewichte werden aus der Gegenwart die Menschheit in die Zukunft führen..., als menschenwürdige Ungleichgewichte in einer zwar globalisierten, aber unterschiedlich beschaffenen Welt.”

Survivable imbalances will lead mankind into the future... as humanitarian imbalances in a globalised, but rich and different world.

Josef Reichholf is a biologist and a wise evolutionary theorist in Munich, specialised in birds and insects. He is 75 years old.


From the Past Forum page, a quote from Victor Hugo, in French, submitted by François Bruley:

“Et de l'union des libertés dans la fraternité des peuples naîtra la sympathie des âmes, germe de cet immense avenir où commencera pour le genre humain la vie universelle et que l'on appellera la paix.”

And from the union of liberties in fraternity of the peoples, the sympathy of souls will arise, the seed of this immense future wherein the universal life will begin for mankind, the one we shall call peace.


From the Contact page, a quote from Italo Calvino, in Italian:

“Il luogo ideale per me è quello in cui è più naturale vivere da straniero.”

The ideal place for me is the one where it's most natural to live as a foreigner.


From the BFF 2016 Schedule page, a quote by an author unknown, in Arabic:

كل صباح .. اخبر قلبك بأنه يستحق الفرح

Tell your heart every morning you deserve to be happy.


From the 2016 Participants' page, a quote by Peter G. Brown, Geoff Garver, Keith Helmuth, Robert Howell, submitted by Walter Behr:

“Humanity is a product of evolution and cosmological processes but not their goal, and hence has no special privilege. The earth and the life on it should be looked at as the commonwealth of life—as the result of biological and cosmic evolution, not something made for humanity to use as we see fit.”

From the book "Right Relationship: Building a Whole Earth Economy"


From his contribution page, a quote by Ashok. E. Gangadean:

“When we Humans finally realize that our ((Infinite Source)) is and must be Infinitely ever ((HereNow)), pervading and sustaining us in every breath, this would be a supreme "game changer" for our Human Enterprise dramatically shifting everything that is now familiar.”


From his contribution page, submitted by Mark Frazier, a quote from David Brooks:

“So a happy life has a recurring set of rhythms: difficulty to harmony, difficulty to harmony. And it is all propelled by the desire for limerence, the desire for the moment when the inner and the outer patterns mesh.”

From the book The Social Animal.


From his contribution page, submitted by Neelesh Marik, a quote from the Mundaka Upanishad (Muṇḍaka Upaniṣad or मुण्डक उपनिषद्,), in Sanskrit:

सत्यमेव जयते

Truth alone triumphs.


From his contribution page, a quote by Troy Camplin:

“Beauty can be discovered between our instincts and our reason.”


From his contribution page, a quote by Walter Behr:

“Vivemos tempos de transição, onde velhos modelos estão se desintegrando: uma oportunidade para vivenciar um novo sonho que permita o florescimento de todas as formas de vida da nossa rica biodiversidade, à que pertencemos.”

We are living a period of transitions where old models are falling apart: an opportunity to live a new dream that enables the flourishing of all life forms of our rich biodiversity, to which we pertain.


From the Quotation page, a quote by Mehmet Murat ildan:

“A good quote is a beautiful bird! Wherever you meet with it, you will start flying with it!”



From the Site Plan page, a quote by Nazim Hikmet, submitted by Mark Frazier:

“The loveliest sea is the sea yet untraveled, The loveliest child is one yet unborn, The loveliest days have yet to be lived, And the loveliest word I would say to you: Is the word I have not yet said.”

This Turkish poet, writing for his wife from a prison seventy years ago, is about about an eternally unfolding Far Shore.



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Berlin Future Forum

2016: From Multicultural Conflict to Transcultural Coherence

“A good quote is a beautiful bird!

Wherever you meet with it,

you will start flying with it!”

― Mehmet Murat ildan