The Infinite Game Platform (IGP) is the integrated societal and internet technological infrastructure and suprastructure for and of a new kind of civilization, the Omnicentric World Civilization, based on a comprehensive, transdisciplinary, open framework and architecture.

IGP is an intelligently coordinated, technology-enabled creative vortex of human agencies meeting a wide spectrum of challenges and opportunities addressable through a self-organized, generative, and abundance-oriented network.

IGP is the creative evolutionary movement of life on and of the planet Earth that exemplifies the Life of the Universe in which we human beings, each and together, uniquely and creatively participate.

The Triune Dynamic of IGP

1.     Imperience – Holding space and functionality for participants to receive.

2.     Entelechy – Holding space and functionality for participants to give.

3.     Orchestration – Intelligent coordination between receiving and giving for the unfoldment of creativity.

* * *


Actualization Disciplines (ADs): These twelve Metadisciplines and two Transdiciplines constitute the organization of the IGP Team operation.

A.   IGP Actualization Metadisciplines

     1. i-Gamification – The (infinite) gamification of the giving and receiving activities conducted

         in the IGP ecosystem.

     2. e-Consciousness – The evolution of consciousness enabled in various dimensions through

          electronic means.

     3. Holo-Autopoiesis – The unveiling of the profiles of the Singular I & WE through healing,

         discovery, and development.

     4. Holo-Educare – Holistic education designed and catered to the Market of One.

     5. Omni Koans – The taxonomy of the local and global challenges and opportunities beckoning

         human attention.

     6. Purpose Constellations – The organization of creative enterprises arising from shared purpose

         as the evolutionary attractor.

     7. Matrix Metrics – The multi-tiered dashboard of outcomes of IGP activity that encompass everything

         that matters in tomorrow's civilization.

     8. Eco-Synergetics – Applied eco-systemology designed to integrate economic abundance and

         ecological thriveability.

     9. Eco-Energetics – The infrastructure of networked energy abundance and logistical connectivity

         that supports Eco-Synergetics.

     10. Eco-Semiosis – The system of origination, exchange, and flow of value constituting the life-blood

            of the Purpose Constellations of IGP.

     11. Poli-Syntony – The participatory governance system of decision-making and resource allocation

           in a new merit-weighted omnicentric configuration of power, replacing politics of the past.

     12. Omni-Aesthetics – The creative activation of the IGP enterprise with beauty, elegance, and

           artistic poignancy and plenitude.

B.   IGP Actualization Transdisciplines

     1. Transdisciplinary Flow-Space – The initiatory CPU of the IGP Enterprise to design an

         eventual omnicentric operation by coordinating the Actualization Metadisciplines.

     2. Omni Meta-Platform – The set of multi-faceted tools and technologies enabling and supporting

         the Transdisciplinary Flow-Space and the Actualization Metadisciplines.

* * *

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2016 EVENT







Berlin Future Forum

2016: From Multicultural Conflict to Transcultural Coherence

“We stand together at the edge of something great. I call it the emergence of freeorder,

the collaborative making of a world magnificently fit for explorers,

and the development among ourselves of a people magnificently fit to live in such a world.

Such emergent collaboration depends on limits, differences, factions, lack of agreement,

competition for resources of vision, mind, spirit, and matter.

This is a kind of collaboration beyond design, beyond possible agreement,

founded on the deepest possible respect for the incomprehensible,

inevitable, divergence of individual patterns of exploration.

There is a unity beyond all imaginable unities that only our

respect for differences and limits can make possible.

Millions of individuals each differently probing the edge of chaos

leave behind us a reef of unforeseen substance and beauty.

Our work will be preservation of the sea

that makes such unplanned emergence possible..”

― Leif Smith