Berlin Future Forum


“Ideology and opinion divide.

Quest and commitment unite.”

– Yasuhiko Genku Kimura

Omnicentric transdiciplinary freeorder generation.


2017 EVENT


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Current news:

The theme for BFF 2017, October 25 to 29, will be Healing the Self, Healing the World. Revisions of this website and new material will become available this Summer.

The theme for BFF 2016 was From Multicultural Conflict to Transcultural Coherence.

To read about the event, click here.

The Berlin Future Forum is an association dedicated to a sustained, action-oriented dialogue for the exploration of the contemporary and long-term future Zeitgeist questions. An annual conference of a transdisciplinary and transcultural group of thought leaders becomes the crucible and container of continuity for rigorous intellectual discourse and creative entrepreneurial projects.

The Berlin Future Forum provides an innovative and dynamic platform for the multidimensional transformation that humanity is experiencing at the beginning of the 21st century in diverse spheres of society, culture, psychology and technology, by harnessing the emergent possibilities therein for the creation of a new kind of civilization.

Berlin has been chosen as the locus of this association because the city is a preeminent creative cultural hub of the world and stands as an inspirational place for people who want to explore different paths in pursuit of their vision.